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Drug Development at Oxford

Oxford expertise:
  • In vitro and in vivo drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics
  • In vitro and in vivo modelling
  • Toxicology
  • Pre-clinical and clinical imaging
  • Clinical Trials
Pre-Clinical and Clinical Imaging

The advent of novel imaging devices (MRI, MRS, PET, SPECT, fluorescence) and image analysis protocols has the potential to lead to major development in medicine and pharmaceutical research. Molecular imaging which allows for the visualisation, characterisation and quantification of biological processes at the cellular and sub-cellular levels within intact living subjects is an expanding area of research, which necessitates close collaboration of scientists from a broad range of disciplines. Oxford has a number of major initiatives underway in Molecular Imaging, cancer research being one of the major focuses. Current activities in this particular area include development of novel targets; preparing and measuring the effectiveness of novel radiotracers and radiopharmaceuticals; the identification of novel cancer drugs; models of cancer metastasis; computational models of tumour growth; image analysis; mathematical modelling of tumour growth. In the department, there is an interest both in designing novel contrast agents, radiotracers and radiopharmaceuticals, and in developing innovative (radio)chemistry for their preparation. Understanding key biological processes on a structural level to develop functional molecular imaging strategies and having the ability to create molecules radio-labeled with a range of elements, are fundamental prerequisite for world-class research in molecular imaging – and chemistry is working actively in this direction. Examples of recently developed bioconjugate tools include re-tuned virus, carbon nanotube, functional MRI particles for detecting brain disease and single-molecule sensors of pathogens and toxins. Active chemistry faculty members involved are Professor Harry Anderson, Professor Hagan Bayley, Professor Paul Beer, Professor Ben Davis, Dr Jason Davis, Professor Steve Davies, Professor Steven Faulkner, Professor Véronique Gouverneur, Dr Angela Russell, Professor Chris Schofield and Dr Mark Wallace.
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We have many collaborations throughout the life and medical sciences in Oxford:

Dr Daniel Anthony (Pharmacology)
Professor Sir Michael Brady (Engineering Science)
Professor Alastair Buchan (Clinical Geratology)
Dr Robin Chouhury (Cardiovascular Imaging)
Professor Kieran Clarke (Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics)
Professor Kay Davies (Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics)
Professor David Gavaghan (Computing Laboratory)
Dr Fergus Gleeson (Clinical Medicine)
Professor Adrian Harris (Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine)
Professor Peter Jezzard (Oxford Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain, JR Hospital)
Professor David Kerr (Clinical Pharmacology)
Professor Gillies McKenna (Radiation Oncology and Biology)
Professor Ruth Muschel (Radiation Oncology and Biology)
Professor Stefan Neubauer (Cardiovascular Medicine)
Professor Len Seymour (Clinical Pharmacology)
Dr Nicola Sibson (Radiation Oncology and Biology)
Dr Damian Tyler (Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics)

Important imaging links:
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Clinical Trials

For information regarding clinical trials:
Oxford Clinical Trials

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the possibility of working with Oxford Clinical Trials, please contact Maxine Allen in our business development team: