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Analytical Chemistry
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Hagan Bayley F.R.S.
Professor of Chemical Biology, Department of Chemistry

Chemical biology, analytical chemistry

Read about Hagan's spin out company, Oxford Nanopore here.

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Justin Benesch
Royal Society University Research Fellow in Biophysical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

Proteomics, peptide and protein chemistry, analytical chemistry

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Tim Claridge
Director of NMR Spectroscopy for Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

Analytical chemistry (NMR)

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Richard Compton
Aldrichian Praelector and Professor in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

Analytical chemistry, electrochemistry

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Benedikt Kessler
Principal Investigator, Nuffield Department of Medicine

Proteomics, mass spectrometry and protein interaction

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James McCullagh
Head of Mass Spectrometry, Department of Chemistry

Analytical chemistry

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